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Terms and Conditions:

Please read these Terms & Conditions All our services, offers and / or reservations are subject to these Terms & Conditions. Performing an internship through Reachout Analytics Pvt Ltd, or subscribing to our offers of additional services means that the Terms & Conditions below are accepted. Reachout Analytics Pvt Ltd retain all rights to reject the application of any person deemed unsuitable and this, at its own discretion. All Reachout Analytics Pvt Ltd clients are obliged to act in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the contract. The internship is not represented by a labour contract but by an internship agreement signed between the company and student.

Roles and Responsibility

Your duties and responsibilities sheet will be handed over separately to you. Broadly your responsibilities will include Data procurement, Processing, Finding Analytical Solutions & Delivery of Reporting as per client requirements as well as supporting the company in activities as directed by your reporting head or designated supervisor.The student is fully responsible for his/her acts throughout the internship. They are liable for any damage, loss or damage resulting from their acts at the premises.

Office Rules and Procedures  

Your employment with the Company will be governed by the Office Rules, Procedures Manual of the Company and such other rules, regulations, practices, systems, procedures and policies of the Company as may be in force from time to time. The Company is entitled, at its option to amend its Office Rules or Office Procedures.

Property of the Company

The Company and its clients will have full and exclusive rights, benefits and privileges over the work done by you in the course of your employment with the Company and in no case will have any rights, claims, benefits and/or privileges in such work. Any project/ assignment that you would have undertaken prior to joining the company and is non-compete, shall remain as your property and you may continue to pursue it without compromising the roles and responsibilities assigned by the company.

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