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Most Demanded Data Science and Data Mining Skills

y Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, Dec 15, 2014.

This year saw continued strong demand for Data Scientists. Although “data scientist” Job Trends from indeed show the keyword peaking in 2013 and remaining flat in 2014, it may reflect changing titles and Data Scientists becoming more of a mainstream job.

Data Scientist job trends from, 2006-2014

Many articles have been written about data science skills – see also at the bottom of this post.

KDnuggets Job board has received the all-time high number of jobs in 2014 (about 245 so far), which is a sufficiently large sample to analyze and actually quantify the skills in-demand.

About 85% of the KDnuggets 2014 jobs are from US, but there are also jobs from 14 other countries: Canada, China, Estonia, Germany, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the UK.

About 33% of the jobs had the title “Data Scientist”, up from about 25% in 2013 and 19% in 2012.

The second most common job title was Engineer – with many different versions, such as BI Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer, and more – see word cloud below.

KDnuggets 2014 Jobs Titles, word cloud

Next we looked at the skills most in demand by examining the most frequent keywords in job descriptions.

The most common were general terms:

  • team, in 88% of the job ads
  • business, 73%
  • analytics, 64%
  • design, 63%
  • development, 62%
  • statistics, 61%
  • statistical, 61%
  • research, 61%
  • machine learning, 53%
  • data mining, 52%
  • modeling, 49%
  • solutions, 47%

This suggests that a data scientist job is a team effort focused on business analytics, with research, design and development playing a major role. Statisics, Machine Learning, and Data Mining are used almost synonymously.

Looking at terms corresponding to more specific skills / languages we have

  • SQL, 54% of all job ads
  • Python, 46%
  • R, 44%
  • SAS, 36%
  • Hadoop, 35%
  • Java, 32%
  • optimization, 23%
  • C++, 21%
  • visualization, 20%
  • MATLAB, 18%
  • BI or Business Intelligence, 17%
  • distributed, 16%
  • regression, 16%
  • unstructured, 16%
  • Hive, 16%
  • mobile, 15%

NoSQL was mentioned in 11% of job ads.

The US map below shows the distribution of US-based jobs, with the size of the circle corresponding to the number of jobs and color corresponds to the log of ratio of SAS (blue) vs R (red) jobs.

KDnuggets US Jobs for 2014

K.Venkata Rao Director of Reachout Analytics pvt Ltd

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