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Data Science Review By Pavankumar

attendedĀ Data Scientist Training by IIM ISI Alumni Member K Venkat

“First and Foremost I take it as a privilege to thank VENKAT Sir for all the things that he had done. He is having very rich subject in Data Analytics and he knows how to teach the subject make people feel interested while teaching and he also knows where to start the subject and how to end it. He also takes personal attention with the people and tries to motivate them every time. He tries to explain all the concepts with real time Examples which make us feel confident about the subject. I am very happy to give this feedback. Because I myself feel surprised that how I had learnt such a huge and good subject with in this short span of time. And in very simple Manner And Finally I can now differentiate myself from the past to now which made me built immense confidence levels and maturity and understanding Skills . “

Pavan Kumar associate Analyst

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